Willis Machine to be ISO 9001 & AS9100 Certified

February 2016

At Willis Machine we work continuously to improve our quality and delivery performance. We are proud to announce that our planned certification to AS9100 and ISO 9001 is moving forward, with final approval expected in the fall of 2016. Our pending certification is a validation of the hard work by the entire Willis Machine team; and continues our long-standing tradition of uncompromising quality, reliable on-time deliveries, and outstanding customer service.

AS9100 and ISO 9001 are internationally developed and recognized standards for business management and quality assurance; specifically designed to achieve significant improvements in quality and safety, along with reductions in lead time and cost, throughout the value stream. Our entire organization is committed to delivering top-quality products on-time at competitive prices. Our planned AS9100 and ISO 9001certification is a powerful testament to the cost-efficient manufacturing environment at Willis Machine. Please feel free to contact us anytime for the latest information regarding our pending certification.

Download our Letter of Intent from ISOmatrix, Inc.

A New Makino a51nx HMC

August 2014

Our new Makino a51nx is a 5-axis, 400mm horizontal machining center, built for high-performance machining. With a 14,000 rpm spindle and 240 Nm of duty rated torque it is well suited for ferrous and nonferrous part production. The a51nx is a full 5-axis machining center which enables Willis Machine to achieve the highest levels of production and quality by consolidating operations; which in turn allows us to achieve the lowest possible cost per part.

A New DMG MORI NLX-1500/500 Turning Center

September 2011

The DMG MORI NLX-1500/500 series Turning Center is a high-performance turning/milling center with secondary milling. With 4.00" of Y-axis travel for advanced milling operations and the addition of 10,000-rpm milling capability, Willis Machine is able to achieve the highest level of quality and production by consolidating operations. This allows us to achieve the lowest possible cost per part and provide faster lead times for our customers.

A New Mori Seiki NL2500SY/700 Turning Center

September 2011

The Mori Seiki NL2500SY/700 Turning Center is a high-performance, sub-spindle turning/milling center. With a 10-inch chuck and 14 inches of turning capacity, Willis Machine is able to accommodate your large turning needs. With the addition of a sub-spindle for back-side turning, and a Y-axis for live tooling, we are able to combine advanced turning and milling into one set-up. This allows us to achieve the highest-quality product with lowest possible cost per part, while providing faster lead times for our customers.

New Twin-Spindle, Twin-Turret Turning Power

April 2006

Willis Machine has entered a whole new realm of CNC turning productivity with our new Nakamura-Tome WT-300 CNC Lathe. This powerhouse machine has two spindles with twin turrets working in tandem to finish your parts in one swift operation instead of two or three or four. The amazing flexibility of this new technology means that Willis Machine not only can produce more parts per hour, but can produce them at lower overall cost with improved quality and reliability.

Coupled with an LNS Quickload Servo S3 Automatic Bar Feeder, the Nakamura-Tome WT-300 can run unattended for hours at a time, extending our lights-out, 24-7 manufacturing capability to our turning department. Willis Machine has always been at the forefront of efficiency-enhancing machining technology. Our new CNC lathe is just the latest addition in a long line of advancements at Willis Machine.

Willis Machine Increases CNC Milling Capacity

April 2006

Willis Machine has entered a new world of CNC milling productivity with the addition of our new Haas EC-400 HMC with a six-station pallet pool. This powerful combination brings robotic 24-7, lights-out machining to the Willis CNC milling department. The EC-400 features a 20" x 20" x 20" work cube, six robotically-loaded 400 mm pallets, 1-degree indexing, and a whole array of production-enhancing features designed to drive down costs and save you money.

We have also added a Kitamura Mycenter 2xi VMC with 22” x 16” x 16” capacity, a pallet changer, 15k spindle, and 30 tools. These two recent additions make Willis Machine your smart choice for value and reliable, on-time delivery using the latest in CNC production machining technologies.

A New Coordinate Measuring Machine

October 2005

At Willis Machine, we have recently enhanced our Coordinate Measuring capabilities with the purchase of a Mitutoyo B-231 CMM system. Our new precision measuring machine is recognized throughout the industry as one of the most accurate and reliable machines available on the market today. The new Mitutoyo is only the latest investment in state-of-the-art machinery and equipment at Willis Machine.

At Willis, we are meeting the demand for increasingly complex configurations, tighter tolerances and reliability with our commitment to the latest computerized quality assurance and manufacturing technology.

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